One size rarely fits all and as a result, you may require a software solution that is designed around your unique business processes – not the other way around.

Custom Applications

The first step is the creation of a formal set of Specifications developed through a detailed analysis of your business processes and objectives. This involves personal interviews with all key personnel – from top management down to front-line users.

The Specifications will provide:

• The road map to success for the project
• Produces a clear Statement of Work to ensure there are no surprises
• Identifies major mile markers with completion dates

Why Choose Propeller Head Software for Your Custom Application Development?

• No custom solution is the same, but capitalize on our experience which brings a broad range of perspective in a long list of industry solutions
• Applications based on your business rules, needs and objectives
• We are committed to producing a simple to use solution for you and your staff
• We focus on results - not features that just look cool for technology sake
• Projects delivered on time and within budget – with "not to exceed provisions"
• Our fully relational database solutions ensure your database solution is powerful, reliable and flexible to adapt as your business needs change and grow
• We offer sophisticated database modeling to map and design your database solution
• We listen - to understand the realities and challenges of your business.
• Extensive knowledge on a variety of technologies to ensure we meet your desired results
• ROI Analysis – to ensure an investment in a technology solution makes good business sense