A superior designed and developed software solution is key, but in order to have a truly successful solution, you need top notch services to support and compliment your technology solution.


Initial Setup and Implementation
A key factor in the success of any technology solution is a well coordinated implementation. Propeller Head Software has a wealth of experience implementing our solutions to ensure you "hit the ground running." The Initial Setup and Implementation services are typically included at no additional charge assuming you have met any user licensing minimums.

Data Conversion
If you are moving to a Propeller Head Software solution from an existing database or if you currently have your data in several different spreadsheets, we can help you get that information electronically converted into your new solution. Typically, we will need a full back up of your data for a technical review to identify the scope of work involved with the conversion and to determine if any additional professional services fees will be required.

For most of our off the shelf solutions, we have a formal curriculum to offer, but in many situations, we customize a training solution to meet your needs
   • Onsite Training – The preferred method to ensure we are meeting your needs
   • Web Based Training – a convenient and cost-effective method

Professional Services
Propeller Head Software offers expertise in business analysis and is able to translate your unique business needs to make the most out of your Propeller Head technology solution. Many times additional custom reporting or interfaces to other computer systems are necessary. Given our unique experience, you can feel confident that we can supply a solution.